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Wireless camera tally system now available

This remote camera tally system is specially designed for use with multi camera setups. The digital transmitter holds 16 encoded channels for a maximum of 16 tally receivers. 
For the standard 8-channel  setup the channels are divided in 8 pairs for each receiver. This unique feature with a bi-color LED makes it possible to have a green light for Preview and a red light for Actual on the same receiver. The secondary channel may also be programmed to indicate another camera being actual . This can work great for steadicam operators to know when to stay out of sight (crane cam etc.)
Connecting the transmitter is possible for almost any brand switcher with tally output functionality.
This straight-forward system is reliable, simple to use and saves extensive cabling.


  • 16-Channel (WTS16) or dual 8-channel (WTS8d)
  • Bi-channel (WTS02s) custom build for steadicam use
  • Single red (WTS16) or red/green Bi-Color (WTS8d/WTS02s) mini LED-wire indicator
  • Tiny, bright actual-LED can be attached to intercom headset mic.
  • Range >300 meters (line of sight)
  • long battery life (>30hrs) on receivers
  • low battery indication at start-up on receivers
  • Transmitter supports 12V battery and 110/220V power supply 
  • supports nearly any tally-out equipped switcher
  • state-of-art wireless technology
  • straight forward, compact and versatile design

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